Sometimes it's about the color, the technic, or the softness, to offer as a gift, just because it's new, or in my case (which is more rare) 

It's a mix of all of these things...In any case there are many reasons to knit a shawl.
I fell in love with the yarn. It's a mix of Lace and Kid Silk by Drops.
A few hours later (after a long part of garter stich) cables appear and I love it.
It was created quickly. It's a pure joy because with this type of design there is no calculating, everything falls in to place.
I often have 2 projects going at the same time. A complicated one which needs to be measured often and paid close attention to and then a simple one.
This was the case for this design.
Thank you


IMG_3903Oh ma fille "Couvrez cette langue que je ne saurais voir" Impossible de traduire tous ces textes sublimes de notre Grand Molière ici bien évidemment adaptés of course !



See you